Erasmus+ non-Europe (ICM)

Conditions of participation

Requirements for applicants

If you are applying for an Erasmus + ICM traineeship (KA 171), resp. financial support, you must meet the following conditions:

  • you are enrolled in any year of an accredited bachelor's, master's or doctoral study program at UP in full-time, part-time or distance form of study;
  • to study at UP, you must be properly enrolled throughout the traineeship, so you cannot interrupt or terminate your studies before the end of the traineeship;
  • if you are carrying out a traineeship in the last year of bachelor's, master's or doctoral studies, you must complete it no later than 2 months before the expected completion of studies;
  • applicants who have not yet completed an traineeship have a higher priority.

Requirements for traineeship

When looking for a practical traineeship, please consider the following aspects:

  • the traineeship must take place in a company, training centre, research centre or other organisation (e.g. a teaching hospital);

the traineeship must take place in one of the partner countries within the approved projects; list of projects according to the research institutes of UP, partner countries, negotiated receiving organisations, project period and contact persons:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the war conflict in Ukraine, all agreements with universities in Russia have been suspended. This means that inbound and outbound mobilities to and from these universities are currently not possible.

UP Faculty UP Department Partner countries University City Period Contact person E-mail
CMTF   Belarus Belarusian State University Minsk 2020–2023 M. Zachová
CMTF   Georgia Home Civil Society Development Center Tbilisi 2020-2023 A. Z. Kusz
FF ASI Indonesia Gadjah Mada University Sleman 2020–2023 O. Pokorný
FF JUD Israel Yad Vashem  Jerusalem 2020–2023 M. Crhová
FF KOL Israel University of Haifa Haifa 2020-2023 L. Zámečník
FF/PdF   Russia České centrum Moskva Moskva 2020-2023 M. Raková
FF KRS Russia National Research University Moskva 2020–2023 P. Varga
FF KSU Ukraine Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Zhytomyr 2020-2023 U. Cholodová
FF KSU Ukraine Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv/České centrum Kyjev Kiev 2020-2023 U. Cholodová
FTK   Israel The Academic College at Wingate Netanya 2020–2023 M. Kudláčková
FTK   Canada PowerToBe Victoria/North Vancouver 2019–2023 M. Kudláčková
LF   Ukraine Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University Lviv 2020–2023 J. Srovnal
PdF   China Leshan Normal University Leshan 2019-2023 D. Zdráhalová
PF   JAR University of Johannesburg Johannesburg 2020–2023 R. Kuncová
PřF   Belarus Belarusian State University Minsk 2020-2023 M. Mašláň
PřF EKO Bosnia and Hercegovina University of Mostar Mostar 2020-2023 B. Šarapatka
PřF   Dominican Republic Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo Santo Domingo 2020-2023 D. Gronychová
PřF   Dominican Republic Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Santo Domingo 2020-2023 D. Gronychová
PřF MRS Indonesia Matana University Jarakta 2020-2023 S. Šafaříková
PřF KEF Israel Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jerusalem 2020-2023 J. Pechoušek
PřF   Kazakhstan S. Torayghyrov Pavlodar State University Pavlodar 2020-2023 B. Šarapatka
PřF   Russia Saint Petersburg State University Saint Petersburg 2020-2023 M. Mašláň
PřF KEF Russia Joint Institute for Nuclear Research  Dubna 2020-2023 M. Mašláň
  • the length of the traineeship is a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months (Mobility duration calculator). It is always set before the start of the mobility, but it can be extended, event. shorten if the parties involved, i.e. UP as the sending institution, the receiving organisation and the trainee, agree. ATTENTION! The start date of the traineeship corresponds with the first day when your presence in the receiving organisation is required. The end date of the traineeship corresponds with the last day when your presence in the receiving organisation is required;
  • the traineeship may be interrupted by the announcement of company leave, during which the receiving organisation is closed. This time does not count towards the minimum length of the placement;
  • you can take part in Erasmus + and LLP / Erasmus study visits and / or traineeships for a total of 12 months for each level of study. In the case of one-level study programs (e.g. general medicine, law, etc.) you can be mobile for a total of 24 months;
  • it must be a full-time job. The minimum working time is 35 hours / week, specific numbers vary according to the legislation of individual host countries;
  • the traineeship does not require a bilateral agreement. However, the traineeship must be negotiated in advance, resp. agreed and confirmed in the form of a Letter of Admission (LoA), and therefore a Learning Agreement for Traineeships (LA);
  • the traineeship must be closely related to your study and after its completion must be fully recognized by the relevant department / institute as part of the study programme in which you are enrolled at UP (by allocating the agreed number of ECTS credits and / or recording the completed traineeship in the diploma supplement)

Financial support

  • financial support will be provided to you on the basis of a participation contract in the form of a lump sum per month (= 30 days) of stay of EUR 700;
  • in addition, you will be provided with a one-off travel allowance for the host country and back. Its amount will be determined according to the distance from Olomouc to the traineeship place according to the EU distance calculator ( and the relevant band:


Financial support

100499 km

180 EUR

5001 999 km

275 EUR

2 0002 999 km

360 EUR

3 0003 999 km

530 EUR

4 0007 999 km

820 EUR

8 000 km a více

1 500 EUR

  • if the duration of the traineeship of full months is not respected, the financial support for the last month is allocated according to the number of days of the last month;
  • the financial support is only a contribution to cover the costs associated with mobility, i.e. travel expenses and increased living costs during the stay in the host country;
  • in addition to the financial support of Erasmus + ICM (KA 171), you may also be rewarded by the receiving organisation, as you will be a full-fledged workforce after the induction phase of the traineeship. Remuneration may take the form of financial support and / or a contribution in kind (e.g. free accommodation, public transport tickets, meal vouchers, etc.);
  • double funding is avoided, i.e. in addition to Erasmus + ICM financial support (KA 171), you may not receive any other EU financial support to cover the costs of mobility;
  • the financial support will be paid in EUR to your bank account established in the Czech Republic (ideally an account in EUR), in one instalment. 

What you should not forget ...

Please note the following warnings:

  • plan your traineeship long-term and well in advance;
  • be demanding of yourself and strive for an "traineeship of your dreams", which you will rightly be proud of in your CV. We are reluctant to accept the acceptance of "any" traineeship;
  • do not be discouraged by a possible initial failure in the traineeship search phase, rather contact more employers, thus ensuring a chance for a positive response;
  • contact the employer with a cover letter and a current tailor-made CV, be able to “sell”, study information about him, his currently running projects, etc., avoid general-sounding phrases;
  • when searching for a suitable traineeship, it is necessary to proceed from the offer of traineeships of the receiving organisations negotiated within the approved projects (see the list above), event. from the offer of traineeships of other organisations approved by the contact person for the given project and the Institutional Traineeship Abroad Coordinator;
  • traineeship offers are continuously published in the INTLAG web application, on the website of the Division for International Cooperation UP, its Facebook, etc.;
  • choose the time frame of the traineeship so that it is in accordance with the conditions of your study (unless these require a mandatory traineeship with a specific time specification);
  • apply for financial support on time. If you already have a traineeship, it is enough if you contact us with the required documents 23 months before its planned start, in compliance with the set deadlines. If you need assistance with arranging a suitable traineeship, please contact us about 46 months in advance;
  • as Erasmus + ICM financial support (KA 107) is only a contribution to cover the costs associated with your mobility, also check other funding options (reward from the receiving organisation, your own savings, etc.);
  • before leaving for a traineeship, you can take 3-day intensive courses in Intercultural Communication in foreign languages ​​(EN, DE, FR, ES) or a semester version of this course in Russian. These courses will help you to develop intercultural perceptions and language skills and will contribute to your seamless integration into the new environment and the smooth running of the traineeship. Teaching takes place in person, usually during the examination period. You can enrol in the courses in IS STAG as subjects of category C with the evaluation of 4 credits (in the case of RU 3 credits). Successful course graduates will receive a certificate;
  • in addition to these courses, we also recommend using the offer of full-time and distance loans of professional Czech and foreign literature on the topic of language and intercultural development or other key competences. Literature is available at office No. 1.14 (Vodární 6) during consultation hours Tue 13:30-16:30 and Wed 08: 00-11:00. Distance loans are possible for one month;
  • you arrange accommodation and transport yourself, you will receive comprehensive travel insurance free of charge from UP (more information on travel insurance can be found HERE);
  • information on the visa requirement can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic;
  • further recommendations and advice can be found in the Manual for participants of foreign traineeships, which can be downloaded in the INTLAG web application.

Application for financial support

Applicant's documents

The documents on the basis of which you apply for financial support must include the following:

1 / Letter of Admission issued by the responsible representative of the receiving organisation (to be completed on a PC in English)

2 / Letter of recommendation issued by a traineeship guarantor, i.e. an academic staff member at the relevant department / institute competent in approving the negotiated traineeship and its subsequent recognition (to be completed on a PC in Czech or English). For this purpose, submit the application for financial support and the letter of acceptance to the guarantor for inspection so that his / her recommendation is tailor-made directly for you and your traineeship. In the case of traineeships of doctoral students, the letter of recommendation is issued by a supervisor.

3 / certificate of language skills proving knowledge of the language (s) in which the traineeship will take place - certificate or examination of the language (s) listed in the list of study results, or examination by the centre / institute of language training of the relevant faculty.

Applications for financial support with the above-mentioned annexes are submitted electronically / via e-mail within due deadlines to the Institutional Traineeships Abroad Coordinator. Incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the conditions for participation shall not be considered!

ATTENTION! If you are applying for a traineeship via the INTLAG web application, submit an application for financial support online in this environment!

Deadlines for submitting applications for financial support

31/12/2022 deadline valid for departures from 01/03/2023

31/03/2023 deadline valid for departures from 01/06/2023

Selection process

Selection criteria:

  • motivation of the applicant;
  • the quality of the traineeship (detailed and well-structured, the work program, the relevant length of stay, etc., appropriate to the field of study and motivational factors of the applicant);
  • recommendation of the departmental traineeship guarantor;
  • language skills;
  • learning outcomes;
  • an applicant who is studying at UP and wants to travel from the Czech Republic for an traineeship to his country of origin has the lowest priority in the selection procedure.

All applicants will be informed about the results of the selection procedure by e-mail within 2 weeks of the set deadlines. No decisions will be made before them.


The application for financial support is the only source of information according to which a decision will be made on the allocation / non-allocation of support. Therefore, it should be in your best interest to work it out carefully.

By signing the application for financial support, you confirm that the information provided in it and its annexes is complete and true. Incomplete and false allegations may lead to exclusion from the competition and to the requirement to recover any financial support already paid.


Lenka Lepetáková

Contact person for traineeship applicants or scholarship applicants, support of other activities of the agenda (Erasmus+ KA 131, Erasmus+ KA 171, UP Scholarship Programme, Aurora (Outgoing students, Erasmus+ KA171 also incoming students)
tel.: +420 585 631 244
office: Vodární 6, ground floor on the left, door Nr. 1.06

Mgr. Marie Raková

Traineeship Abroad Coordinator (Erasmus+ KA 131, Erasmus+ KA 171, UP Scholarship Programme, Aurora (outgoing students, Erasmus+ KA171 also incoming students)
tel.: +420 734 261 040
office: Vodární 6, ground floor on the left, door Nr. 1.14

Office hours:

TUE 09:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00
WED 14:00-17:00
THU 8:00 - 11:00

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