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Travel Insurance

For employees, students, and persons sent on behalf of Palacký University Olomouc (UP).

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Registration for the UP insurance policy

Not required to register: UP employees who frequently travel on business trips to EU countries for less than 30 days and are already familiar with the terms and conditions of this UP travel insurance.

Required to register prior to travel: All UP students and persons travelling abroad on behalf of UP, as well as UP employees (all trips outside the EU, or trips within the EU longer than 30 days).

A travelling person who fails to register for insurance prior to travel and whose stay is longer than 90 days will not be covered by this insurance nor indemnified in the event of a claim and will not be retroactively admitted to the insurance. Please send required information well before travelling to

Please state your:

  • name and surname
  • date of birth
  • destination
  • dates of departure and return to the Czech Republic
    (i.e. the length of stay including the return journey from the Czech Republic; indicate the month of return from long-term stays, if the exact date of return is not known)
  • and which International Relations Office or UP department is sending you.

Scope of insurance

Territorial coverage: WORLDWIDE:

The terms and conditions of the scope of insurance are detailed in the section “Terms and Conditions of Insurance for Employees on Business Trips Abroad” (PP-BTI-0809). Although this only refers to employees, the same terms and conditions also apply to UP students and persons travelling on behalf of UP. Similarly, the terms and conditions apply not only to business trips but also to work placements and internships.


Option to take out the RISK PLUS product

If you are travelling to countries with a potentially volatile security situation, you can check the current “List of Countries with Increased Security Risk” at “Risk zone” areas (orange boxes) are insured in the UP contract for FREE and do not need to be reported; “War zone” areas (red box) ARE NOT INSURED, but it is possible to apply for additional insurance under the UP contract prior to travel – please contact Jiří Zapletal, BOHEMIA insurance agency, tel. +420 776 003 842,

Insurance documents

Confirmation that you have been accepted for insurance, including the “Travel Insurance” electronic card, will be sent to you by Jiří Zapletal based on the submitted registration data. Instead of your name and surname, the card states Palacký University Olomouc and its insurance number with the ERV insurance company. You do not need to carry the card with you. It is just a document for you; no one will ask you to show the card during common communication in medical facilities abroad. Only employees who are taking a short-term trip to the EU and who do not sign up for the insurance policy will be handed over (sent) the electronic card by their International Relations Office.

Insurance certificate

An insurance certificate in English, stating the amount converted into EUR or USD, is only issued to travelling persons who are requested to show it by their foreign partner (organisation, school, accommodation, or for visa processing purposes; for travels to Russia and Belarus it is issued in Czech and Russian). Please contact Jiří Zapletal in due time with your data, i.e. your first name(s), surname, date of birth, country of residence, the period (dates from-to) for which you require the insurance certificate – it is not enough to only state the month of your return to the Czech Republic, it is necessary to also indicate the end of the internship, practice, stay, etc.

Persons travelling to France: In case of a request from a foreign institution for proof of “room/housing insurance”, please contact Jiří Zapletal for such a certificate – i.e. send the exact and complete address (including room number, building number or designation, block or wing of the property – batimet, logement, or chambre). The room furnishings must be insured by the French owners against natural disasters and theft – you will not be able to control these damages. However, if you cause damage (called liability) to property (real estate or room furnishings) owned by the owners, their staff, or third parties at the location and their health, as a person travelling on behalf of UP you are properly covered in case of such incidents by high-quality insurance. This is the so-called code G and the French are the third party (personal injury up to EUR 0.979 million and damage to property up to EUR 0.479 million in conversion).

What to do in the event of an insurance claim

1) Medical expenses

Minor treatments are paid by you in cash at the doctor’s office or hospital – ask for a receipt/proof of payment, then contact Jiří Zapletal immediately by e-mail for settlement/reimbursement. In doing so, complete this Notice of Insurance Claim: MEDICAL EXPENSES (in Czech, employer = UP, employment = study or professional position). Sign the notice and scan relevant documents including receipts and medical reports (preferably in colour in pdf/jpg formats; if you cannot print and scan these documents, take a photo of them and just fill in the above-mentioned Excel file and write your name instead of signature) and send it to The insurance claim will be paid to your private account. You can do all this even when you are abroad.

For major claims when you do not have the means to pay (200 euros and above), surgeries, hospital stays, etc., contact the assistance service immediately; the worldwide assistance service headquarters is based in Prague. You will need to know the UP insurance policy number: 2000055471, and the assistance telephone number: (+420) 221 860 606, see  

You can find out what to do in case of a medical expenses claim in this ERV travel guide (in Czech), with an exception: always report the insurance claim through Jiří Zapletal instead of following the instructions in the last paragraph (unless you use the assistance service).

2) Other types of damage

For other claims (E to P codes), keep any and all possible documents – i.e. police report, boarding tickets, luggage ticket, Property Irregularity Report (PIR), receipts for stolen property, claims by the persons who suffered damage, etc. – and contact Jiří Zapletal by e-mail, who will give you instructions and send you the relevant papers to fill in. Do not contact the insurance company directly unless you have called for assistance, even when handling a claim – UP management wants to keep track of all claims made by persons travelling abroad on behalf of UP.

3) Details on flight claims

What you are entitled to in connection with any damages caused by the airline (flight delays, cancellations, luggage issues, etc.) is listed in this flight rights calculator:

  • According to this EU guide, the compensation should be handled by the airline first, followed by the UP insurance coverage, which is supposed to only make up for your damages if they have not been fully covered by the damaging party (do not throw away the airport P.I.R. protocol, boarding pass, luggage ticket, flight ticket)
  • These rights apply to flights with carriers based in the EU. They also apply to non-European carriers if the flight is operated from an EU airport.
  • Useful links:
    What to do if I have a problem with my luggage?
    Damaged or missing luggage and how to claim it

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. What about students who interrupt their studies and go abroad for a year?

In this case, it is a personal initiative of the student who is not sent abroad on behalf of UP and therefore the insurance coverage does not apply to them.

2. What proof of the student’s travel is adequate for the insurance company in the event of an insurance claim?

– Travels not registered in advance (practically only UP employees within 30 days to EU countries): for insurance claims that you claim retroactively after you arrive back in the Czech Republic, the UP stamp in the Notice of Insurance Claim is sufficient. For insurance claims when EuroAlarm Assistance Prague needs to release funds to the health care provider immediately (unexpected surgeries, serious injuries, serious illness, etc.) it is necessary to receive approval of an application sent to the International Relations Office by Jiří Zapletal.

– Travels registered in advance: No approval from UP is required.

3. Is travel insurance a substitute for health insurance?

Although UP has exceptional all-risk protection, this insurance does not replace regular health insurance or extras health insurance, (e.g. pre-planned, non-life-threatening surgery, or preventive check-ups). Persons suffering with a long-term illness, i.e. if the illness started prior to travel, always need health insurance – please check with your health insurance company before leaving the country. In the event of an unexpected collapse, significant or life-threatening deterioration of condition in connection to a long-term illness, the costs from abroad can be reimbursed by travel insurance if medical records prove that you have had no problems for six months prior to the travel.

Travel insurance covers all sudden, unexpected, painful incidents, accidents, and injuries. On the other hand, it does not cover preventive examinations, preventive tests, and non-acute procedures and surgeries. In regards to pension (social) insurance, the student may request a review of the foreign school by the Czech Ministry of Education and, on this basis, the state will continue to cover this insurance during the period of absence. For students over the age of 26, for stays abroad of more than half a year, there is the possibility of suspending their health insurance in the Czech Republic and reporting back to their health insurance company upon their return within 8 days, submitting a Certificate of travel insurance duration, which Mr. Zapletal will arrange and send to their given address upon their email request upon their return. The health insurance company will include the student’s stay abroad on the basis of this certificate.

4. Why is there no insurance in war zones?

UP has negotiated a special exemption: should someone be sent on behalf of UP to a territory that is declared a war zone, RiskPlus supplement can be arranged for this insurance at an additional cost. In order for the exemption to be processed, it must be requested from Jiří Zapletal well in advance.

5. Theft

Only theft of items from the accommodation facility, from the locked trunk of a motor vehicle (it does not matter if it is yours, UP’s, or a rental vehicle), or as part of a robbery is covered; theft of money is covered only in the case of robbery (when money and items are stolen under threat of violence or imminent violence) – you must always submit a police report, which does not need to be translated into Czech. There have been cases where the travelling persons were surprised that the damage was illiquid (stolen mobile phone from a handbag at night at a disco, stolen camera from the next table in a cafeteria, stolen money while walking on the street without the person knowing about it – i.e. no robbery, or money stolen from envelopes in the closet when the person travelling on behalf of UP shared a room with other roommates, etc.). Please secure your money and documents, which concerns especially women, so that they are not exposed in a purse hanging over your shoulder; keep them close to you at all times or even carry them in a pouch under your clothes, if you enter more risky areas.

What to do before your trip

Before a longer stay abroad, it is recommended to visit your doctor and dentist in the Czech Republic for a regular check-up. Cases where you bring a disease with you from the Czech Republic (e.g. you visit the dentist on the first day of your stay with extensive tooth decay, etc.) are NOT covered by travel insurance. For long-term or lifelong illnesses, travel insurance only covers sudden deterioration of the condition requiring treatment or surgery; routine preventive check-ups and the purchase of medicines you have been taking regularly in the Czech Republic are not covered.

Note for travelling persons – vacations:

This insurance applies only to the country or countries and the date(s) determined when you were sent on behalf of UP for study, internship, work, or business travel within various projects, including travel from and to the Czech Republic, even if these are days that are no longer defined by the contract between you and UP (for example, if your stay starts on the 14th of the month and you arrive at your destination a week earlier in order to complete various formalities for your stay, you are covered by UP travel insurance; the same applies when you return to your home country). The travel insurance does not apply to your private vacations (e.g. you interrupt your stay in the destination and fly over to another country to spend a week at the seaside, or your stay is terminated in terms of the UP contract and you stay in the country for another two or three weeks privately, etc.). This restriction does not apply if the travel to other countries within the specified period of stay in the official destination country is related to your internship, teaching, work, and residency.

Medical expenses in Europe

If you are travelling to European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries, please preferably go to publicly funded (not privately funded) medical facilities if your health condition allows. In these state facilities, present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the standard “European travel insurance form”  (Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Tunisia) to avoid paying for treatment. The EHIC is a unified health insurance card issued by your health insurance company and used to provide and pay for emergency healthcare under the same conditions as for nationals. Upon presentation of this card abroad, you are entitled to receive necessary medical care in the territory of another member state, taking into account the nature of the illness and the expected length of stay, without increasing the UP’s policy claim experience (if you have paid a deductible/patient co-payment, a registration fee, etc., all these extra costs can be later compensated from this UP policy or the ERC policy after communicating with Jiří Zapletal).

Which countries are covered by the European Health Insurance Card?

  • EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (under the agreement of 24 December 2020, all normal situations are dealt with in the same way as if the UK had not left the EU).
  • European Economic Area countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.
  • In Switzerland, your EHIC will be accepted on the basis of the EU-Switzerland Free Movement of Persons Agreement, which also applies to the new member states from 1 April 2006.
  • in North Macedonia and Serbia, your EHIC will be accepted under an agreement with the health insurance authority there.


Which countries are NOT covered by the EHIC?

The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in countries that are not members of the European Union or are not listed here. You can travel to Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, and Tunisia with the standard “European travel insurance form” which allows you to receive healthcare under international treaties. The relevant form(s) will be issued by your Czech health insurance company. The insured person is entitled to receive necessary and urgent medical care abroad, which will be reimbursed to the healthcare facility by the Czech health insurance.

Further detailed information (in Czech)

Discounted trip cancellation price for posted workers

Persons sent abroad on behalf of UP can apply a discount on CANCELLATION insurance with the ERV insurance company (Trip Cancellation and Trip Cancellation Plus) for expensive foreign trips, participation in conferences, or air tickets. To apply for the discount, please contact Mr. Pavel Glavanakov (email:, tel: +420 725 173 218) and indicate that you are a person sent on behalf of UP, your name and surname, UP insurance policy number 2000055471, your date of birth, full residential address, where you are going, the beginning and end of the insurance cover, and the sum insured – the cost of the trip, air ticket, or separate travel service. The rates for UP employees are either 2.5% (Trip Cancellation) or 5% (Trip Cancellation Plus). Please read the cancellation policy carefully in advance.

Cancellation due to COVID-19 illness for insured persons has been a standard part of the Trip Cancellation and Trip Cancellation Plus insurance since 1 July 2020.

Since 1 July 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Trip Cancellation Plus insurance has been extended to cover the event that the person travelling on behalf of UP unexpectedly and without fault fails to meet the medical conditions for departure (airport check, etc.) at the beginning of his/her trip (while still in the Czech Republic).

Additional insurance against other risks not included in the existing insurance policy

Due to the changes in the security situation in the world, ERV Evropská pojišťovna offers the possibility of additional insurance beyond the travel insurance policy agreed between ERV and UP.

The UP insurance covers COVID-19, but does not cover situations where you are COVID negative and are ordered to be individually quarantined (e.g. you have been traced, met an infected person, or have a higher temperature at the airport and are not allowed on the plane). You may face costs for alternative accommodation or miss your flight back home. If you take out additional insurance, the insurance company will pay up to a limit of CZK 15,000 for alternative accommodation or alternative transport back to the Czech Republic (with a 20% deductible/co-payment, you’re responsible for 20% of the costs).

The additional insurance also includes a unique safety assistance service. The existing insurance through UP includes health insurance, but in case of safety problems (assault, robbery, bodily harm) the original contract does not include assistance. With the new service, you will have 24/7 access to safety consultants who will advise you on how to handle the situation and, if the situation requires it, will send a safety consultant to help you resolve the safety incident and to be at hand at all times.

What do I need to do to arrange additional insurance?

  • Fill in the Travel Insurance Certificate (in Czech) and pay the insurance as instructed in the Certificate (select Europe or World).
  • If you do not yet know the exact date of your return, only the month, indicate (in the End of Insurance) the last day of the expected month of your return.
  • If you are applying for additional insurance during your stay outside the Czech Republic, enter the date of payment in the Start of Insurance.
  • Please send the completed Certificate together with proof of payment to
  • ERV insurance company will send you the confirmed Certificate which will serve as a confirmation of this insurance.
  • The insurance complies with the insurance conditions PP-BTI-2203.

Visa requirements

Language assessment

Only for students who are going on a study stay under the Erasmus+ programme.

The student has to take a language assessment using the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) platform. You will be sent the OLS access data by the UP IRO coordinator. Native speakers are exempt from the obligation to take the language tests.

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