Maria Gabriela Tovar Garrido, COLOMBIA

“As a young woman who lives very far away from Europe, I had never heard before of Olomouc. Discovering this lovely city was like unveiling a precious hidden gem. The student life is vibrant, the friendships you make are priceless and is pretty easy to move around Europe in such central location. Having the opportunity to spend a semester there is one of experiences I treasure the most, and I definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Maria Gabriela Tovar Garrido (Winter Semester 2021/2022, Faculty of Law)

Andrea Recinos, EL SALVADOR

When I received the email informing that I had been awarded the staff exchange scholarship, I felt something inside that told me that the best was yet to come. I forgot to feel nervous or afraid, because traveling to a city that is two days away from your home would make anyone anxious. I did not feel that and when I got to Olomouc, I realized why. After my arrival and 10 hours of sleep, the show began in my apartment, the view was incredible, it was surrounded by impressive architecture and a wonderful autumn. I fell in love right away. The city is beautiful and cozy, even for foreigners because it is small, safe and the transportation system is easy. As for the university, they have a spectacular organization and an institutional order that prevents something from going wrong. They are prepared to welcome anyone from any part of the world, or even from another planet, it is simply marvelous the importance that Palacký gives to foreign students, and to his own whom also do studies or practices in other universities. Palacký University has the capabilities installed and is simply improving over time. My stay in the International Relations Office was in my opinion short but enough to meet amazing people and learn a lot from all of them. Now I return to my country and my university happy and inspired, with the desire to improve not only my life but the life of other students. The experience of studying or working abroad should be a right that all humans should live at some point. I met many incredible people and although I left Olomouc, Olomouc stays in me.

Andrea Recinos

Alissa Castrejón Meza, MEXICO

The first time that I arrived to Olomouc I was very excited but also nervous. It was the first time I travelled alone but soon I met incredible people that made me feel comfortable and happy. The city is incredible, it is very different than my city in Mexico, very safe and quiet. I found amazing that the citizens take a lot of care of their dogs and the streets are clean. What I like the most about the university is the autonomous system and the qualified teachers. I think Olomouc is my second home and I found here another family from a lot of countries around the world.

Alissa Castrejón Meza

Camilo Trujillo, COLOMBIA

My experience at Palacký University has been amazing so far! As a medical student I have to face not only a different educational system but also an entirely new healthcare system which is better than in my own country. UP has given me the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills and learn to tolerate all the different points of view that I might find every single day. Palacký is one of those memories that I will never forget.

Camilo Trujillo

Eliseo Guardado, EL SALVADOR

First of all, everything has gone so well that even the language has not been so much trouble, I have learn a few words like "prosím" etc.. Second, the educational system in this university varies a lot: from personalized meetings with teachers to the classic model of face-to-face classes; it uses the advantages of technology such as computers, etc.. Besides, a lot of help come from platforms like Moodle to upload books to read, etc. Third, the cultural exchange is simply wonderful, because I could interact with several people from around the world, it is a unique experience, especially with Latinos, Africans, and Asians. In addition, as I said to everybody, we foreign students are a very important reason for this university because this university has great projects and ambitions of internationalization. To sum it up, the experience has been unique since the people have received me very well, especially teachers and students. It has been an honor to learn from all of them, especially from my professors.

Eliseo Guardado

Diana Patricia, COLOMBIA

Two months ago I came to Olomouc thanks to a scholarship granted by the government of the Czech Republic to study a Doctoral Program in Ecology. Since the first day at UP, it began to feel like my home and time in the Department of Ecology has been meaningful to me. My colleagues and my supervisor have been very supporting, they care about me and I can tell they want the best for me. On the other side, Olomouc is like my dream city, it is peaceful, it has something to offer for every taste, for everyone to enjoy their free time and it’s perfect for you if want to feel comfortable and want to feel the benefits of a small city.

Diana Patricia

Marlen Serrano Santos, MEXICO

The first time I arrived in Olomouc, I remember how amazed I was by the amazing architecture. The transport system was something new for me and I found it very useful. Generally speaking, I think it is a safe place to do different activities no matter where you are or the time. Olomouc is simply a beautiful city always ready to receive and impress newcomers. In terms of education, Palacký University has been really challenging because the educational system is different from the one in my country. However I have found my classes really interesting and I have learnt a lot of useful things.

Marlen Serrano Santos

Fabio Iguavita, COLOMBIA

Even though I have been abroad several times, this is my first experience as a full-time student. I must say Palacký’s Master programme on International Development Studies is thorough and internationally well-known, and as such, it has demonstrated to be quite demanding. Some of the teachers here are outstanding and this makes learning fascinating. Yet, there are remarkable differences between the Colombian education system and the Czech one. It is really hard to say which one is better, nevertheless I believe Palacký University will definitely contribute in a huge manner to shape me as a professional. About Olomouc, before coming to Czechia, I had already watched so many different videos about the city that I could not just wait to arrive to Olomouc. Its architecture and beauty was already set in my mind and falling in love with Olomouc was just a matter of time. As expected, as soon as I arrived at Hlavní nádraží and jumped into the tramvaj, I knew this place was as I pictured it. Its narrow streets, the stone sidewalks, its astonishing architecture and vivid life make it the perfect match between studying and enjoying local life.

Fabio Iguavita

Rosalia Calle Bocanegra, SPAIN

Olomouc is a perfect place for living. I feel really safe here and it's my home, because people  always try to help you. A good advantage of living here is that you can walk from one point of the city to another one without using public transport. It is a small and beautiful city (especially in Christmas with the market). It is full of students that are studying at a really good University: Palacký University. I am lucky to work at this University as a Spanish lecturer, teaching Spanish language and literature. The students are polite and the University has really good facilities: projectors, computers, blackboard in all classrooms, etc. Also the other teachers are kind and help me a lot. To sum it up, it is being one of the best experiences in my life!

Rosalia Calle Bocanegra

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